What’s in a name?

Hello and Welcome to Middle Class Guy.  As you may suspect, I am a middle class guy.  To be more accurate, I should divulge that I am thoroughly middle class, thoroughly middle aged and a lifelong Midwest resident.  I’m SO Middle Class, Middle Aged and Middle West.

I have spent the past three or so years thinking about, talking about and collecting information for the launch of this blog.  I literally have thousands of blog topics to write about including over one thousand news articles saved from a multitude of sources, hundreds of magazines and books that I have earmarked for comment on some future blog, and about a thousand photos on my current and past phones.

My hold-up since January 1st of this year (when I intended to launch this), was the name.  Also, truth be told, I had a hard time parting with some money for web hosting.  In my case, I just put about $160 on my Visa for three years of web hosting at $3.95 per month, plus another buck per month not to have my name come up as owner of this domain (paid one year and will be billed two more times).

I am, as you know, a guy.  Really, a man, but guy will have to suffice for naming considerations.  There exist tens of millions of Mommy blogs, fashion blogs, cooking blogs, travel blogs, etc., but I have had a hard time finding a good blog for regular, middle class guys.  Man-oriented blogs tend to fit into fashion and working out-type categories which are well and good, but most middle-aged, middle-class men that I know in the Midwest do not pursue either very much.  It is a definite hole in the blogosphere.  Also, I have this hosted on WordPress.org, not WordPress.com, which is free.  I read numerous articles about making some money with blogs, all of which recommended self-hosting the website, so you can incorporate advertisements etc.

I struggled with the name for many months, periodically thinking about it and jotting down notes in my idea notebook when I came to realize today, fifteen years to the day after one of the most memorable days of my life, that a name my wife suggested in passing is as good as any.

That being said, here are a bunch of names that I liked that were taken already, at least the domain names were:  MyMiddleClassLife, TheMiddleLife, MiddleClassLife, MiddleClassMan (it was available up until about a week ago and was my first choice name for most of this year), MiddleClassBuzz, MiddleClassLiving, MiddleClassy, MiddleClassManifesto, LifeintheMiddle, MiddleClasser and many more.

I spent several evenings looking for the right name that was still available.
I spent several evenings looking for the right name that was still available on Blue Host and Host Gator.

Some that were still available as of today: MiddleClassLifer, MiddleClassVoices, MiddleClassPost, MiddleClassChronicle, MiddleClassJournal and MiddleClassFool.  Some of those sound too pompous for a blog, so I went with my wife’s advice.

I am hosting this on BlueHost, per the recommendation of WordPress.org and about fifty blog posts about “How to Start a Blog” that recommend it as a host.  Only time will tell how well it works and how I feel about it, and I will be sure to post on that in the future.  I should mention here that I’m not very tech-savvy, so it is not as easy for me to launch this blog as it has been described by others.

Another thing about myself: I am posting this without using my name for now, due to the fact that I hold a respectable position in a conservative organization and do not wish to be known for the time being.  I will divulge much of myself, probably bare my soul on these pages in the months and years to come, but I would like you, my reader, to know that I plan on being honest with you although you do not know who I am.

I have a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in many areas, that a blogger in their twenties or thirties could and would not.  I’ve been around the block a few times and I’ve taken some lumps along the way.  There’s been a lot of good and a lot of bad, but I believe in Perseverance and also intend to write quite a lot about bettering yourself and improving your lot in life.  Many blogs do this, but usually in simplistic lists that say simplistic things.  I recognize that life is not always simple, especially not for middle-aged, middle-class guys.

This is a long intro for Sunday, 9/11, but I will write a lot more in the months to come.  I will be writing about middle class guy products and things that interest me: finance issues, Americana, family matters, being a good son, husband, father and friend.  Being a good provider.  Lots of ideas and comments about books, magazine articles, and Internet articles whether they be from well-known sites or other peoples’ blogs. I hope that you find my thoughts and remarks on these interesting and helpful.

I will be adding a lot of photos, since I have taken over 1,000 with my phone specifically for this blog, but I do not really know how to yet.  My teen-aged daughter will be helping with that, along with teasing me a bit while I learn how to navigate this.  But, if it was not for her, I never would have purchased the domain name and downloaded WordPress today, so I am grateful for that.  She, and the rest of my family, is getting sick of me taking photos for this blog for the past three years, and piling up books, articles, flyers etc., that I said were for this blog.  More on that soon.

Eventually, I will learn how to add plug-ins and plug in some ads, but only for middle class things that I use and can endorse.   Thanks for reading this.

-The Middle Class Guy



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