Samurais, Ninjas and Zen

I learn a lot from Samurais, Ninjas and Zen.  We all know what Samurais and Ninjas are from cartoons and movies.

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My notion of Zen was not so strong until I read up on it a bit in preparation for this post.

Perhaps I should rename this blog Middle Class Samurai or Middle Class Ninja or Middle Class Zen.  The first two words conjure up images of honorable, well-disciplined warriors, while the third conjures up images of serenity and wisdom to me.  I would like to be thought of as any of those even though I am none of them.  If you call yourself a Ninja, however, who in the blogosphere or eBookosphere is to say that you’re not?

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A Zen Master

The Samurais, Ninjas and Zen Masters that I learn from are all bloggers. In particular, the blogs with Eastern warrior and philosopher names that I read include the following:

My favorite of the bunch is Financial Samurai, which I subscribe to and read many of Sam Dogen’s posts.  He makes over $200,000 per year in passive investments and by writing, and shares a lot of details on his investments and his interesting philosophies on many things.

If you want to follow a Samurai, Ninja or Zen writer, Financial Samurai is my top recommendation.  He is somewhat of a hero to me in many ways. If I ever start my own financial blog, it would be most like that one, but without the descriptions of generating the great amount of wealth and freedom that the Financial Samurai has. Remember, I would be a Middle Class Samurai and still doing my best to support my family and make ends meet.

Leo Babauta is the author and creator of Zen Habits, which I started reading a few months ago.  His posts go well beyond money and interest me with topics about things like mindfulness, resiliency, coping with change, coping with anxiety, human connections and other topics that relate to Yours Truly Middle Class Guy and you as well.

Ninja Trader is not a blog, but a trading platform.  Prior to becoming a successful up-and-coming owner of his own law firm, my brother spent about seven or eight years as a trader.  He traded for two fairly large outfits in Chicago, one of which only traded futures contracts.

While trying to describe and demonstrate to me his own proprietary method of entering into complex spreads involving multiple futures contracts, he downloaded Ninja Trader onto my PC.  He had recently been laid off and we were talking about going into trading together as partners.

Maybe I woulda coulda and shoulda, but I did not.  It was in the depths of the Recession in December 2010, I had a stay-at-home wife and two young children, and I was not ready to leave behind the solid job that I still have (although it does not always feel solid) for the monumental risk of funding our own trading firm with the paltry amount of reserves that we had.

Nobody knows the future, and you cannot go back and redo the past, but I sometimes wonder what might have become of a joint trading venture with my brother.  Perhaps we both would have become wealthy Jewish men instead of one wealthy man and one Middle Class Guy.  Perhaps we would not be speaking to one another now.  Neither of us will ever know.Image result for ninja traderAnyhow, all these years later and Ninja Trader still sends me emails every week or two to sign up for the platform or about its latest improvements, one of the thousand or so that make their way into my in-box every single week of the year.

The other sites listed, and I am sure that you can find more should you seek them, offer advice on budgeting, investing, frugality and other financial topics that are of interest to me.

I seriously might enter the fray and add yet another blog voice about money and budgeting.

What do you think of the name The Ninja Middle Class Zenmaster?

I hate it too.




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