CEO of Myself

Greetings from the CEO.

The CEO of the Middle Class Guy blog, that is.

I feel that as CEO, it is high time that I address my readers since, as a privately-held entity, the Middle Class Guy blog does not have any shareholders.

Before you think that I am beginning to suffer from delusions of grandeur, I am also the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Technology Officer, the Creative Director and the only writer on staff.

Why this blog looks so funky and relies on a “free” WordPress layout with almost no pizzazz?  Blame the Chief Technology Officer.

Think that the last few posts are lacking in creativity?  Blame the Creative Director.

Think that this blog is losing more time and money than it is worth? Me too!  Let’s blame the CFO for overestimating future revenue growth.

If you do not care for the writing, perhaps I should fire that one writer on staff and outsource future posts to freelancers on Fiverr and in China, Mexico and India.

If the editing sucks, well…

As CEO, I have not yet hired or assigned an editor, never mind a chauffeur, private chef and masseuse.  What you see typed is a direct manifestation of the writer’s thoughts, sent to his fingers by electronic impulses via the nervous system and, viola!  Blog posts.

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I never imagined becoming CEO of such a vast media empire, yet here I am, CEO of the Middle Class Guy blog with ad revenues of over a dollar, books to be released in ’18.



But seriously, folks.

As a very avid reader of books, magazines, newspapers, trade publications and more blogs than you could imagine, it always makes me chuckle when I see someone bill themselves as CEO, even if it is only of a blog with a few readers.

The first few times that I saw someone listed as a CEO in my LinkedIn feed, I thought to myself, Wow!  I am reading the thoughts, ideas and advice from someone who has clawed their way to the top. Upon further inspection, I realized that these were all self-proclaimed CEOs of their own one-man and one-woman shops, much as I am CEO of my own but without the lofty title.

Since I am obviously not on my way to becoming a real-life CEO of an actual company, or even CEO of my own family unit (I am fairly high up in the organization, however), I should build up my mini media efforts into an actual incorporated business.

I have read dozens of books by acclaimed financial gurus from the Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki to Suze Orman, from Dave Ramsey to Napoleon Hill, who all advise to incorporate yourself for tax and liability purposes.

After all, should I increase my $1,000 or so in annual income from eBook sales to $10,000 or $20,000, wouldn’t it make more sense for me to pay corporate income taxes on a mere $10,000 or $20,000, while deducting writing-related expenses, rather than just tacking that income onto my own for full-time work?

As CEO, I could always pay myself a stipend at the end of the year or quarterly in order to invest and pay some bills.  Perhaps even a holiday bonus, if the Chief Financial Officer would allow it.

As CEO, I can decide when and where and if to even work on these, although I do set some fairly difficult goals for myself.  Also, as CEO of this floundering venture, I feel confident in driving my staff to be more profitable in 2018 than this year.

With ad revenues for this blog at approximately one dollar and eBook sale revenues hovering around a few hundred bucks, I would be surprised if sales decreased.

So although I spend my work days toiling at the behest of others, and am also generally directed in what to do once I arrive home, when it comes to this blog, I am founder, President and CEO.Image result for CEO of myself

The CEO of Myself.  




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