A More Ideal Me

The Ideal Me

Somewhere  hidden away deep inside me but screaming to come out is a more ideal me.

Perhaps you are already at the point of organization, happiness and wealth where I will spend years reading, thinking, writing and planning to attain.  If so, kudos to you.  Many of those whose blogs I read, like those Samurais, Ninjas and Zenmasters have attained the attitudes and practices that I can only dream of for the time being.

Yes, somewhere inside Yours Truly Middle Class Guy is a well-organized, less worrisome, friendlier, more efficient and successful guy who could become part of the twenty percent if he could truly adopt a more positive attitude and learn how to convert his talents into something marketable that could benefit others.

It would also make for more compelling reading if I could share some success stories that come as a result of my constant reading, thinking and striving toward self- improvement.

The ideal me is a prosperous enthusiast for life, well prepared for obstacles that are placed in my way and a believer and recipient of the abundance of wealth that exist in today’s world.  Someone who profits from new technology and ideas instead of one who is manipulated and controlled by those who do.

The completely ideal me will most likely never fully emerge, but I fully intend to move closer to being that guy in this coming year, so I can look myself in the mirror next New Year’s Eve and tell myself that I gave it my all in 2018.

Uncertain Times

We are living in uncertain times.  One hundred years ago, those who were living at that time were also living in uncertain times.

Do you think that those preparing for World Wars or those who lost everything in the Great Depression or those in Texas who lost everything they own in Hurricane Harvey last week feel like they lived in uncertain times?  You know it.

Ten years from now, twenty years from now and even a hundred years from now if the world still exists as we know it, it will remain uncertain times.

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The stock market is going well today, but will it go well next week?  Next month?  Next year?  There are always those that are predicting an imminent crash but, as they say, even a broken clock is right twice per day.

Eventually, there will be another major Recession or even the Great Depression part two.  Wouldn’t it be something if the stock market crashed again on October 29th in 2029?  Perhaps a worse crash will come sooner than that.

Perhaps North Korea will launch a nuclear strike on the U.S. Perhaps President Trump will start a war with Russia.  Perhaps another major terrorist attack like 9/11 will succeed on U.S. soil.  We simply do not know what the future holds.

I point this out because I have read at least a dozen books, all written in different years and decades, that all make it a point to describe the uncertain times that we live in.  Those words ring true whether written in 1990, 2002, September of 2017, in 2025 or many years later.

The times may be uncertain and beyond what a regular old Middle Class Guy like you or I can control.  We can cast our votes in elections and vote with our choices of what businesses to patronize, but beyond that the future of what transpires in the world is beyond our control.  But something that you and I can control is our own actions and decisions, and that is something that we must strive to improve upon this new year and beyond.

I cannot save the world or the country or even help my lousy State of Illinois much or change the troubles, crime, corruption and high taxes that plague Cook County and the Chicago area.

But I can utilize my own talents and abilities to a greater extent.  I can learn something new, and I have room to improve upon being a good son, husband, brother, father, cousin, nephew, uncle, friend, neighbor, homeowner, employee and writer.

Use Our Gifts

It is my strong belief that it is my responsibility to work hard and be a good provider for my family.  Call me old-fashioned and I will agree, but as a husband and father of two, I feel that this is my primary role in our family’s success.  I know several other middle aged guys who do the same, and some with far greater success than my own.

God granted us an ample set of gifts, talents and work ethic that should be used for the betterment of ourselves, our families, our places of work and our communities.

Wealth and success is not something that I ever expected would be handed to me, but in the spirit of remaining truthful through my current anonymity, I did assume in my younger years that opportunities would present themselves more clearly and that I would become very wealthy by using my strong analytical ability, writing talent and speaking talent.  Perhaps writing advertisements and later owning my own advertising firm.  Perhaps trading stocks and options for someone else before striking out on my own. Perhaps writing a book or several books that were heavily sought after by big publishers and then sold millions of copies.

But did I have an actual plan or ever pursue becoming an advertising executive, trader or author?  Not really.  Thus, none of those opportunities or any others that would make one wealthy have ever come my way that I am aware of.

It took me until I reached my forties and had met with many successful business owners, read a hundred or more self-help and financial books and read another ten thousand blog posts before I realized that I already possess the talent to make great things happen, but that nobody is going to make it happen for me.

I must accept responsibility for where I am at in my career and my life, just as you must, and then embrace the concept of doing rather than talking or writing about doing, and put my thoughts and writing out there for purchase in order to chase some of the abundance that exists in this world for those who add value to others.  I know that there are people who could and would benefit by my writing, so long as they commit to making changes, although just baby steps, to better themselves along with me this coming year.

Wealth to me goes beyond just making additional income, but that is the place where I intend to start.  Living more fully, being more charitable, taking more time off to spend with my family and traveling beyond just the old familiar places is all easier accomplished with a greater amount of income.

In fact, I cannot accomplish any of the above without it.






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