The Purpose of this Post

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What is the purpose of this post?

After two long days, one technically a day of rest and today having been quite the opposite, I want to display my Grit by cranking out a post starting at about 10:00 PM on a day when I have been on the go since 6:00 AM.  I know…cry me a river.  There are doctors and truck drivers still doctoring and driving right now that started before 6:00 AM today, although it would be better for their patients and other drivers if they would call it a night.

One purpose of this post is to provide a checklist of how incredibly middle aged middle class suburban white guy my last three days have been.

Here on what I would consider late on a Monday night I will do my best to recollect what the last three days have been for Yours Truly, once again solidifying my role as a Middle Class Guy.

  • Watched about four hours of Hurricane Irma coverage on the Weather Channel with my wife.
  • Got inspired and cranked out a 2,905 word post in about two hours called Goodbye Florida Condo and then put my +/- 150 Florida condo listings in our recycle bin.
  • Served as sous chef for my son’s chicken cacciatori on Saturday night, then ate a lot of it. Took the leftovers for lunch today (Monday).
  • Took my dog for long walks on both Saturday and Sunday around a local lake, about a mile around.
  • Woke up around 6:00 AM on Saturday, when my wife had to drive our daughter to school for a marching band field trip to play halftime at a college football game.
  • Waited at the same school around 6:30 PM on Saturday to pick up our daughter.
  • Happily went to buy iced pumpkin coffees for me and my wife from Dunkin’ Donuts on Sunday morning for us to watch hurricane coverage with.Image result for dunkin donuts iced pumpkin coffee
  • Made great omelettes like I do every Sunday morning.
  • Mowed my f-ing gigantic one-third acre lot on Sunday with a push mower, wishing for a smaller property or to make enough to hire a landscaping and mowing crew.
  • Took my daughter and her BFF for a horse riding lesson at a horse farm about fifteen miles away, $40 for a half hour lesson.
  • Took my daughter and her BFF to Steak n’ Shake for lunch afterwards.
  • Took my daughter and her BFF to a local festival that we go to every year on the second Sunday of September.
  • Got home in time to catch the final twenty-six seconds of play in the Bears game including a dropped pass that would have won the game if the sucky receiver did not drop it.
  • Returned my son to his college Sunday evening around 9 PM.
  • Listened to the Cure, Ministry and the Smiths for over an hour when I got home.
  • Finished reading Grit by Angela Duckworth late Sunday night around midnight.
  • Also paid the $2,500 monthly nut to our son’s college last night.
  • Initiated a $1,100 transfer from his T. Rowe Price College 2018 account to cover 44% of this month’s payment.
  • Only slept three freakin’ hours last night. Did not fall asleep until around 3 AM after taking a Tylenol.
  • Got my ass out of bed around 6:30 this morning to start another long, stressful work week like many millions of other people.
  • Bought myself another iced pumpkin coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts on the way to work today after drinking two hot coffees at home this morning.
  • Worked all day today with meetings, phone calls and emails about anything and everything; it is far too much BS to detail everything that went on and that I did today, but I did walk a mile and a half loop during lunch hour, then read a magazine for a few minutes before returning to my office.
  • Made a $1,000 cash deposit into our checking account on the way home to cover another 40% of this month’s college payment. The cash came from my former $4,250 stash.  The teller asked where I work, but I told her that I would prefer not to discuss it.  Perhaps she thought I was a drug dealer, since it was comprised of twenty new fifty dollar bills.
  • Staffed a committee meeting tonight from 7 PM until 8:30 PM, answering a slew of difficult questions on development issues throughout the community where I am employed.
  • Walked my dog when I got home at 9:30 because nobody else really ever walks her.
  • Popped a Tylenol PM a few minutes before starting this post.
  • Also ate three incredibly delicious pumpkin cookies in the last fifteen minutes that my daughter made tonight while I was at the committee meeting.
  • Decided to crank out a post tonight even though I really do not feel like it to improve upon my grit and because writing is done in the time we make, not the time we find, and I definitely would rather watch TV for a few minutes, read for a bit and then try to get some sleep.
  • By the way, I have a busy and stressful work day already lined up for tomorrow. But you gotta do what you gotta do to pay the bills.  Know what I mean?

My wife has now requested that I relocate since she is going to sleep, which makes me wish for an extra room, an office or den where I could claim some space to work on my writing instead of moving from room to room.

I suppose that the miracle of modern technology that allows me to easily relocate myself and my laptop from room to room is something that I should be grateful for rather than lamenting my lack of a steady space to write at.

Oh well.  If I waited for the perfect space and the perfect time to present itself, I would most likely never write anything.  Thus, the purpose of this post is to display some meager amount of Grit to myself.  I figure that if I can make myself write a bit after a long, difficult twelve hour work day, then I must have some amount, at least for today.

There you have it.  I have put over 1,100 words into the blogosphere tonight and thus can go to sleep soon with some small measure of satisfaction that I did something for myself and my readers, and did not just toil in vain for my employer all day.

Regarding my reference to 1,100 words, I am going to strive next year to not worry or think about word count goals like I have done this past year, and will instead focus on doing shorter, more worthwhile and interesting posts on a variety of topics.

Incidentally, I started this blog exactly one year ago today, on Patriot Day of 2016, and this will be my 182nd post.  If you like math like I do, that is nearly exactly an average of one post every other day.

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Thanks for reading.

One more thing: if you figure out the purpose of this post, would you mind telling me what it is?


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