All Apologies, But Not Really

I start this post with a sincere, but not too sincere, apology.

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It’s been nice putting my thoughts into this blog for the entertainment and perhaps even a little bit of helpfulness to my few dozen readers, but I am going to shift as of today.

The Middle Class Guy was originally intended to serve as a creative outlet for me to share thoughts and opinions on a variety of matters that interest me, but over the year that I have been blogging, it has somehow morphed into my own self-help medium that I share with others with the hopes that we can improve ourselves together, albeit anonymously.

I have always been big on New Years Resolutions, approaching each new year like it would be a new, better, happier and more successful me.  In some aspects, that has come to fruition, but in many cases it has not.

That is why, in an effort to help myself accomplish my own goal of publishing eBooks on Amazon and Kindle and whatever the fuck platforms are coming next, I intend to make a majority of my future posts “eBook ready,” ready to become mini chapters in the saga detailing my own self-improvements while urging the readers to go along with me.

I share this because it is, in effect, a way for me to accomplish multiple goals and Resolutions for myself including, but not limited to:

  1. Creating more in the form of content, while striving to consume less.
  2. Creating an additional income stream, which would help in more ways than I could list.  I could probably write 1,000 pages on why I want and need more income.
  3. Serving as an outlet for my creativity, when much of my life has been prescribed, ordered and dictated to me so far.  With these posts and how I piece them together in eBooks, I get to choose exactly what I want in them.  If people do not buy them, fine.  But I want those that do to get their money’s worth.
  4. Although I blog anonymously and have created a nom de plume for my forthcoming books, the thought that people have read my goals and Resolutions and knowing that they exist in writing in cyberspace make me feel more accountable.  For instance, I felt a great amount of guilt purchasing a new book today, knowing that I write and think a lot about thinning out my hoard and knowing that an upcoming post is about decluttering.Image result for nom de plume
  5. One of my directly stated Resolutions for 2018, which I have already given a lot of thought to and have been working on, is to publish three high-quality eBooks with covers including the 500-page eBook that I self-published in 2007.
  6. Publishing three (or more) eBooks for me in a year would make me feel a little bit more like a doer than just someone who talks and writes about doing things.  Talk is cheap, and so is typing words into a blog.  Self-publishing eBooks does not exactly make one a master of industry, but it is a Baby Step in the right direction for Yours Truly.  It definitely takes more effort and Grit to get it done than to just think about doing it.

So I am going to place less of an emphasis on quantity, and more of an emphasis on quality.  As my readers know, I read so many books and by such a wide variety of authors and so many blog posts and dozens of magazines per month that I always have a backlog of things that I want to share.

Thus, I began this post as a halfhearted apology, but the more that I thought about it, I came to the realization that I do not have anything to apologize for.

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All of my posts will be something that could stir a few of your synapses into firing and if you happen to be a Middle Class Guy like I am, you can presumably relate to things that I am struggling with or frustrated about or even things that I have found to have helped me and my family.

After all, what I really am is a dedicated Family Guy who wants the best for those whom I love and feel a responsibility for.

Improving oneself is not really as easy as many of the self-help books make it out to be.  It is not a step-by-step manual that is One Size Fits All.

My own self-improvement is a multi-faceted, constantly changing challenge from coping with my Anxiety to learning to be more Zen-like.

So my subsequent posts may seem like mini-chapters in a New Year-oriented self-help eBook, and with good reason.  That is what this post will be and that is what the following ones will be.

On second thought, as the incomparable Pee Wee Herman said in an old Cheech and Chong movie that I must have watched ten times when I was in college…




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