Pumpkin Eater

“Hi.  I’m a Middle Class Guy and I’m a Pumpkin Eater.”

Pumpkin eater is in actuality a reference to an uneducated American commoner like a hillbilly or any bumpkin who moved from America’s countryside en mass into America’s inner cities  The term is more akin to the ‘unwashed masses’ as pumpkins were long ago considered poor people’s food, eaten by poor folks who could not afford to purchase middle class food.

Calling Peter a Pumpkin Eater in the famed nursery rhyme was a rude insult. Now the giant, orange squash is a symbol of bountiful harvests and storybook autumns spent frolicking on hayrides.

I should know.  I have consumed some form of pumpkin spice every day for the past two to three weeks, with more scheduled on a daily basis at least through the end of October, probably November.

A sample of our family’s pumpkin-flavored food items.

Over the past week, I have had pumpkin spice donuts, a pumpkin spice bagel, pumpkin spice yogurt, Fiber One pumpkin bars, two slices of pumpkin pie, about ten pumpkin flavored iced coffees, all in addition to the pumpkin spice flavored Dunkin’ Donuts coffee that my wife brews every morning, which I add pumpkin spice flavored Silk Almond creamer to.

Good grief!  No wonder I looked like this in the mirror this morning.





All kidding aside, if being called a Pumpkin Eater was once an insult, insinuating that you were a hillbilly who could not afford any food beyond chowing down on the pumpkins growing out on the patch, things have gone in a complete one eighty.

Having traveled four times to the Big Downtown in the past two weeks for business, I can tell you that the number of pumpkin spice lattes being consumed by the upwardly mobile young women was staggering.  There were probably more Millennials drinking those from Starbucks than not.

Image result for girl with pumpkin spice latte
The Pumpkin Spice Girls

Although there have been many articles and blog posts about this sweeping phenomenon, this has been a pattern for Yours Truly Middle Class Guy for going on about ten years now.  The difference is that ten years ago it was just a handful of products.  Last year, we went wild with it and this year it is absolutely exploding.

Whereas I may have had a dozen pumpkin-flavored items a few years ago, we have more than doubled that amount here in 2017.

A year ago, I reported having a Very Pumpkiny October.  Little did I know then that we would not only continue our consumption of pumpkin-flavored items, but that we would be expanding it as the food companies continue to take advantage of its popularity.

Looking over last October’s post, I now realize that I am derelict in not having yet purchased any pumpkin-flavored beer.

With the Cubs tied one to one with the Nationals in the Division Series and me having to staff a meeting tomorrow night at the start of the game, it will be too late for me to enjoy a beer tomorrow night.  I realize that it is boring to read, but I can no longer drink beer after 8:00 PM on a weeknight for a variety of reasons.

But win or lose tomorrow night, they will have another game Tuesday evening soon after I get home, and what better time to enjoy a pumpkin-flavored beverage?

I can hardly wait!

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