Done Getting Ready to Get Ready

Over the past few years, I have continually put off working on the projects that I really wanted to, including writing this.

The day-to-day challenges of surviving and thriving at a difficult and challenging job, contributing to my family’s well-being and chipping in around the house, and juggling a dizzying amount of bills and payments while trying to Pay Myself First, become grittier and create more while consuming less has made it seem impossible to pursue something above and beyond survival mode.

For a long time, I have awaited that mythical day when everything is going smoothly, things are good, my stock portfolio rises, my family is healthy and happy and things are going so well at work that I can concentrate on pursuing my personal interests to a greater extent.

After waiting for that day to come for many years, I am still waiting.

Well, the wait is over.  I am done getting ready to get ready to self-publish an eBook, sell some of my excess stuff on eBay and perhaps even launch an eSelling business.  The letter E being the key to all three.


I have suffered from analysis paralysis, overthinking, excessive worrying and endless internal debate over what, if any, avenues for greater personal fulfillment and additional income to pursue.  Because I enjoy and am fairly decent at writing, I have settled on becoming another voice out there while I continue with my day job.

I have come to realize that even though I cannot preach to you about how I have already achieved an enormous amount of success and wealth, like the best-selling gurus have achieved, if I can deliver thoughtful, actionable insights and help you achieve some positive results, then my credentials are not as important as the gurus’ and I can better myself as I detail how my readers can, too.

I cannot make you improve yourself just by writing these words, just as having read dozens of self-help books over the past two years does not automatically improve my life.  But I have learned a lot, and I happily share what I have learned here.  Besides helping you, writing about it helps reinforce it in my own mind.  I have gone from reading helpful information to owning it.

It is hard enough for me to make myself consistently pursue self-betterment, let alone making you do it.  But I strongly urge you to take what I write to heart and think how you may implement the excellent advice garnered from an eclectic variety of sources from Coach Lou Holtz to the Rich Dad to Dr. Laura.

They all urge their readers to get off their duffs, create plans of actions and then make themselves follow through, as do I.

You and I are done getting ready to get ready, and are ready to start doing in 2018.


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