This Sunday, Leicester City will usher in the third round of the Premier League, with the Blue Foxes at the Etihad Stadium against Guardiola's Manchester City. Now, let us quickly understand this strong opponent.


In the past few seasons, Manchester City has established one of the best team squads in the world and has also allowed the club to achieve unprecedented success. In this summer, Blue Moon added Valencia winger Ferran Torres and Bournemouth's central defender Ake. In terms of players transferred, the most notable is the German winger Sane who moved to Bayern Munich for £40 million. David Silva left the team for Real Sociedad after playing for 10 years, and goalkeeper Bravo also went to Spain to join Real Betis.

在过去的几个赛季中,曼城建立了世界上最好的球队之一,也使俱乐部取得了空前的成功。在这个夏天,蓝月亮增加了巴伦西亚边锋费伦·托雷斯和伯恩茅斯的中后卫阿克。在转会球员方面,最著名的是德国边锋萨内,后者以4000万英镑的身价转会至拜仁慕尼黑。大卫·席尔瓦(David Silva)效力10年后离开了球队,前往皇家社会(Real Sociedad),门将布拉沃(Bravo)也前往西班牙加盟皇家贝蒂斯(Real Betis)。

Since joining the team in 2011, Aguero has scored a staggering 254 goals in 370 games in all competitions, 180 of which came from the Premier League. In addition to him, Blue Moon's offensive options also include De Bruyne, Sterling, Jesus, Bernardo Silva, Mahrez, Gundogan and Phil Foden.


On the other hand, Fernandinho and Rodri share the defensive responsibilities of the midfielder, while Walker, Otamendi, Stones, Zincenko, Cancelo and goalkeeper Edson join forces. Line of defense.


Guardiola is the world's top football coach. He has won many honors during his tenure in Barcelona and Bayern Munich. He originated from the La Masia Academy in Barcelona and then won the La Liga trophy at the Nou Camp. He was an iconic figure in Cruyff's "Dream Team" period. In addition, he also represented the Spanish national team in 47 games, and after leaving Barcelona, ​​he also played for Brescia, Roma, Al Ahli and other teams.


After retiring, Guardiola returned to Barcelona as the coach of the B team and won the 2008 playoffs. This laid a good foundation for him to succeed Rijkaard as the coach of Barcelona. After taking office, Guardiola began to carry out his own reforms, gradually allowing the team to reduce its dependence on Deco, Ronaldinho and Eto'o, and established an offensive line centered around Messi.


Guardiola first led his team to win the Copa del Rey, then beat Real Madrid by a huge 6-2 score to complete the La Liga championship, and then defeated Manchester United in Rome and stood on the top of Europe. In 2010, they successively won the La Liga, the Western Super Cup, the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup. The Spanish giants officially established a golden age of their own.

瓜迪奥拉首先带领球队赢得了国王杯,然后以6-2的大比分击败皇家马德里以完成西甲冠军,然后在罗马击败了曼联并站在了欧洲之巅。 2010年,他们先后赢得西甲联赛,西部超级杯,欧洲超级杯和俱乐部世界杯冠军。西班牙巨人正式建立了自己的黄金时代。

In 2011, Barcelona defeated Manchester United again at Wembley and completed three consecutive La Liga titles and another Western Super Cup champion. Although Mourinho broke Guardiola's monopoly on the league title in 2012, Barcelona still added a Copa del Rey trophy that season.


After spending a holiday in New York, Guardiola came to Munich in the summer of 2013 to replace the coach Heynckes. Guardiola won three consecutive Bundesliga titles in Bavaria, including two German Cup, Super Cup and Club World Cup titles.


In February 2016, Guardiola signed a contract with Manchester City, after which he achieved another era of dominance in domestic competitions. During his tenure, he won the Premier League twice in 2018 and 2019, scoring a total of 198 points in two years. At the same time, he also won 1 FA Cup and 3 League Cups, including just a 2-1 victory over Villa last season.


Due to the schedule, Manchester City is currently playing less than one round of the league. This Monday they defeated Wolves 3-1 and made a good start to the league. They eliminated Bournemouth 2-1 in the League Cup.


The two sides have fought a total of 120 games in history, Manchester City won 61 games, Leicester City won 30 games, and 29 games were tied.






Manchester City won a total of 6 English top league titles, 4 of which were in the Premier League era. 2012 was their first Premier League title, and the winning goal came from Aguero's final goal against the Queens Park Rangers. In addition, they have won 7 times in the FA Cup and the League Cup.

曼彻斯特城一共获得了6个英国联赛冠军,其中4个是英超联赛时代。 2012年是他们的第一个英超联赛冠军,而胜利的进球来自阿奎罗对阵皇后公园巡游者的最终进球。此外,他们还曾在足总杯和联赛杯中赢得7次冠军。

In the 2018/19 season, Guardiola led his team to win the club's first ever domestic triple crown-League, FA Cup and League Cup, as well as the sixth Community Shield.


The club’s only European champion was the European Cup Winners’ Cup in the 1969/70 season. Their best result in the Champions League was to enter the semi-finals in 2016, but lost to Real Madrid.


The Etihad Stadium was established for the 2002 Commonwealth Games. It has been Manchester City's home stadium since 2003 and has also hosted other important events.


The stadium was previously named Manchester City Stadium, where the 2008 Europa League final was held, as well as a number of England matches and the 2015 Basketball World Cup. The Etihad Stadium can accommodate 41,000 spectators when it was opened. After expansion, it now has a capacity of 55,017, making it the fifth largest stadium in the Premier League.


The highest attendance on the stadium was created precisely in the game against Leicester City. In 2016, the Blue Fox won 3-1 here. A total of 54693 people attended.

体育场上的最高上座率正是在与莱斯特城的比赛中创造的。 2016年,蓝狐在这里以3-1获胜。共有54693人参加。

After the game against Leicester City, Manchester City's next two opponents will be Leeds United, Arsenal and West Ham United. After that, Manchester City will face Sheffield United and defending champion Liverpool.