Recently, UEFA officially announced the 2020 UEFA best player candidate list. The top three players who successfully entered the top three are Lewand, De Bruyne and Neuer. Many fans are looking forward to Ronaldo and Messi missed the top three. Both Melo fell out of the top three, which was the first "spectacle" in the past 10 years. Compared to Messi’s missed final three-person candidate list, Ronaldo’s missed final three-person candidate list is even more pitiful and regrettable, because he has reached the top three of the candidate list in the past 9 years, and 3 Aspirations. Before, Messi has been out of the final three candidates three times, this is his fourth time. In fact, Ronaldo is only ranked tenth in this shortlist. From three consecutive nine years ago to tenth now, Ronaldo encountered a waterloo in his career. So, can he bottom out?

近日,欧足联正式公布了2020年欧足联最佳球员候选人名单。成功进入前三名的前三名球员是Lewand,De Bruyne和Neuer。许多球迷都期待罗纳尔多和梅西错过前三名。两个Melo都跌出前三名,这是过去十年来的第一个“奇观”。与梅西错过的最后三人候选人名单相比,罗纳尔多错过的最后三人候选人名单更加可悲和令人遗憾,因为他在过去9年中已经进入候选人名单的前三名,并获得3个愿望。之前,梅西已经三度退出决赛三名,这是他第四次入选。实际上,罗纳尔多在该入围名单中仅排名第十。从连续九年的三个十年到现在的第十个,罗纳尔多在职业生涯中遇到过滑铁卢。那么,他可以触底吗?

The answer is obviously yes!


The top ten in the 2020 UEFA player list are De Bruyne (Manchester City), Lewandese (Bayern), Neuer (Bayern), Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain), Messi (Barcelona) , Muller (Bayern), Mbappé (Paris Saint-Germain), Thiago (Bayern), Kimmich (Bayern), Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus), here needs to be explained, the top three rankings are in no particular order , Neymar and Messi rank the same. The Champions League champion Bayern became the biggest winner. Five players in the team broke into the top ten, and two players entered the final candidate list; the Champions League runner-up Paris Saint-Germain had two players in the top ten; the Champions League quarter-finals Manchester City and Barcelona each have one player in the top ten; the Champions League team Juventus has one player in the top ten. Obviously, the ranking of the 2020 UEFA best player candidate list is directly linked to the results of the Champions League, and then it depends on the individual's results and performance. Last season, Juventus performed well in the UEFA Champions League group stage and qualified for the first place in the group. However, in the first round of the knockout round, the team first lost the ball in the away game, and then took the lead in losing the ball at home, resulting in a missed Champions League eighth. Strong. If Juventus can go further in the Champions League, Ronaldo's ranking will definitely advance. But on the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo has become the only player who can enter the top ten and stop the Champions League semi-finals, which also shows that his performance has been recognized by many people.

2020年UEFA球员名单中的前十名是De Bruyne(曼彻斯特城),Lewandese(拜仁),Neuer(拜仁),Neymar(巴黎圣日耳曼),Messi(巴塞罗那),Muller(拜仁),Mbappé(巴黎圣- Germain),Thiago(拜仁),Kimmich(拜仁),C罗(尤文图斯),这里需要解释一下,排名前三的排名没有特别的顺序,内马尔和梅西排名相同。欧洲冠军联赛冠军拜仁成为最大赢家。团队中有五名球员进入前十名,两名球员进入了最终候选人名单;冠军联赛亚军巴黎圣日耳曼有两名选手进入前十名;冠军联赛四分之一决赛曼城和巴塞罗那在前十名中各有一名球员;欧洲冠军联赛尤文图斯队在前十名中只有一名球员。显然,2020年UEFA最佳球员候选人名单的排名与欧洲冠军联赛的成绩直接相关,然后取决于个人的成绩和表现。上个赛季,尤文图斯在欧洲冠军联赛小组赛中表现出色,获得了小组赛的第一名。然而,在淘汰赛的第一轮中,球队首先在客场比赛中输掉球,然后率先在主场输掉球,导致无缘冠军联赛第八。强大。如果尤文图斯能够在冠军联赛中走得更远,罗纳尔多的排名肯定会提高。但另一方面,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)成为唯一进入前十名并阻止欧冠半决赛的球员,这也表明他的表现得到了很多人的认可。

If you ignore the club's performance, is Ronaldo's performance poor? Compare it with the top ten forward players on the shortlist (take the Champions League and the league for example). Last season, Cristiano Ronaldo played 41 times in the league and the Champions League on behalf of Juventus, scoring 35 goals and averaging 0.854 goals per game; Lewandre represented Bayern in 41 appearances in the league and the Champions League, scoring 49 goals per game. Averaged 1.195 goals; Messi played 41 times in the league and the Champions League on behalf of Barcelona, ​​scoring 28 goals, averaging 0.683 goals per game; Neymar played 22 times in the league and the Champions League on behalf of Paris, scoring 16 The ball, averaging 0.727 goals per game; Mbappé, representing Greater Paris, played 30 times in the league and the Champions League, scoring 23 goals, averaging 0.767 goals per game. It is not difficult to find that Cristiano Ronaldo is not bad at all. In addition to not being as good as Lewandone, Cristiano Ronaldo performs better than other strikers. If you only look at the league, then Cristiano Ronaldo's data will be better. Moreover, compared with the previous season, Ronaldo has made great progress.

如果您忽略俱乐部的表现,罗纳尔多的表现是否不佳?将其与入围名单中的前十名前锋球员进行比较(以冠军联赛和联赛为例)。上赛季,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)代表尤文图斯(尤文图斯)在联赛和冠军联赛中出战41次,打进35球,平均每场进球0.854球。勒万德雷代表拜仁参加联赛和冠军联赛的41场比赛,场均得分49球。平均1.195球;梅西代表巴塞罗那在联赛和欧洲冠军联赛中出战41次,打进28球,平均每场入球0.683球;内马尔代表巴黎在欧洲联赛和欧洲冠军联赛中出战22次,打进16球,平均每场入球0.727球。代表大巴黎的姆巴佩在联赛和冠军联赛中出战30次,打进23球,平均每场入球0.767球。不难发现克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多一点也不坏。除了不如勒万多尼外,罗纳尔多的表现也比其他前锋更好。如果只看联盟,那么克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多的数据会更好。而且,与上赛季相比,罗纳尔多取得了长足的进步。

Ronaldo’s career is brilliant and inspirational. What he did not only set an example for all football players, but also set an example for all fans. He used practical actions to tell everyone that falling is not terrible. , The scary thing is that there is no courage to stand up again, wherever you fall, you have to stand up. In Ronaldo’s dictionary, “to lose” does exist, but “to lose” does not exist. Just like when he first arrived at Real Madrid, he never led the team through the Champions League knockouts. Because he refused to admit defeat, he led the team to win three consecutive championships, shocking the past; it was like being Messi 4 on the Golden Globes podium. -1 fell hard, because he refused to admit defeat and he just made a 5-5 draw, which was very disappointing; just like in Serie A with a few goals at the start, he was criticized because he turned on the killer mode because he refused to admit defeat, and he has scored 11 consecutive games. The ball, heroic. This time, he lost, but he won't let it go. He will use it as a driving force to inspire himself at all times. Waiting for the flowers to bloom in the coming year, he must be persistent, go straight to Huanglong, and take everything that belongs to him. come back.

罗纳尔多的事业是辉煌而鼓舞人心的。他不仅为所有足球运动员树立了榜样,而且为所有球迷树立了榜样。他用实际行动告诉所有人跌倒并不可怕。 ,可怕的是没有勇气再次站起来,无论跌倒在哪里,都必须站起来。在罗纳尔多的字典中,“输”确实存在,但是“输”并不存在。就像他刚到达皇家马德里时一样,他从未带领欧洲冠军联赛淘汰赛。因为他拒绝承认失败,所以他带领球队连续三届夺冠,震惊了过去。就像在金球奖领奖台上成为梅西4。 -1摔得很重,因为他拒绝接受失败,而他刚以5-5抽成,这非常令人失望;就像在开始时有几个进球的意甲一样,他因为不愿承认失败而开启杀手模式而受到批评,而且他已经连续11场比赛得分。球,英勇。这次,他输了,但他不会放手。他将始终将其作为激励自己的动力。等待来年的鲜花盛开,他必须坚持不懈,直奔黄龙,并拿走属于他的一切。回来。

Two days ago, Cristiano Ronaldo represented Juventus in the team's first game of the new season. This is also his first official competition with coach Pirlo. Facts have proved that their cooperation is tacit understanding and worth looking forward to. Cristiano Ronaldo performed bravely on the court, getting 1 goal and 1 assist. In fact, he has a chance to score more goals, but Luck is not on his side. Whenever he loses his luck, he can score twice and even successfully wear a hat. Although there are still some regrets, the fans have seen Ronaldo's remarkable competitive and physical state.

两天前,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)代表尤文图斯队出战了新赛季的第一场比赛。这也是他与教练皮尔洛的首次正式比赛。事实证明,他们的合作是默契,值得期待。克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在球场上表现出色,得到1个进球和1个助攻。实际上,他有机会得分更多,但是运气并不在他身边。每当他失去运气时,他就可以得分两次,甚至成功戴上帽子。尽管仍然有些遗憾,但球迷们已经看到了罗纳尔多出色的竞技状态和身体状态。

For example, in this offense, Ramsey drove the ball into the penalty area, and then he used the rhythm change to sway the defensive player and complete a pass. At this time, Ronaldo suddenly appeared and he did not adjust directly after receiving the ball. It was a shot and the ball slipped out. This shot made the opponent sweat. What's interesting is that Ronaldo drew a ghostly arc in front of the goal from the start to the final shot, and while he was walking, the defensive players did not react. Ronaldo's running position is unaware and unknowing. It is really wonderful.


For example, in this offense, Juventus launched a quick counterattack after taking the ball in the midfield. Ramsey took the ball and passed it to Fraporta, who drove the Hot Wheels three times to five out of two and then went to the front of the penalty area. Then he sent a high-hanging long pass. After seeing the ball hit the ball, Ronaldo struggled to take off. As if out of gravity, Ronaldo flew up high, at the highest point his knee was level with the opponent's waist. Qi. Ronaldo's jumping is still so sharp and unsolvable, 35 years old? This is just a number.

例如,在这项进攻中,尤文图斯在中场接球后发动了快速反击。 Ramsey接住球并将球传给Fraporta,后者驾驶Hot Wheels三分之二,其中五分之二,然后到达禁区前。然后他发出了高悬的长传。看到球被球击中后,罗纳尔多奋力起飞。罗纳尔多好像在重力的作用下飞得很高,在最高点,他的膝盖与对手的腰部齐平。齐罗纳尔多(Ronald)的跳动仍然如此剧烈和无法解决,已经35岁了?这只是一个数字。

The above two scenes are just the epitome of Ronaldo's game. He is a superstar who can't run, can't get tired, pass, pass, compete for the top, and grab everything on the court. This is completely different from him who just started the previous two seasons. With this state, Ronaldo will definitely be able to take it to the next level in the new season. By the way, his goal is not just to defend the league championship and strive to win the league golden boots.


Ranked tenth, it stands to reason that it is unacceptable for a person like Cristiano Ronaldo, but he did not make any response to this, but just be himself as always. On the one hand, it shows that Ronaldo has been bearish on this honor. What he wants is to lead the team towards a higher mountain; on the other hand, it also shows that Ronaldo is accumulating energy. After all, at this moment, no amount of words are as good as Practical actions are more convincing. I believe that in the new season, Cristiano Ronaldo can lead a different Bianconeri to create their exclusive memory.

排名第十,这是有道理的,对于像克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多这样的人来说,这是不可接受的,但是他没有对此做出任何回应,只是像往常一样做他自己。一方面,这表明罗纳尔多对该荣誉一直看空。他想要带领团队迈向更高的境界。另一方面,这也表明罗纳尔多正在积累能量。毕竟,在这一刻,没有什么话比实际行官方网站动更令人信服了。我相信在新的赛季,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)可以带领另一位比安科内里(Bianconeri)创造他们的专属记忆。