Middle Class Guy

Hello, I am you friendly middle class guy.  You can call me Bill or Al or Tom or Dave or Chuck, maybe Gary or Jim.  I am not doing this blog under my real name due to many reasons, but please be assured that I am real, have endured many hardships, have had many good times and many bad times too, and have embodied all that Middle Class America wants me to.

I have collected information and photos for about three years prior to launching this on 9/11 of 2016.

My interests are varied and far from limited to middle class issues, however my perspective on most things is that of a middle class, middle-aged man in the Midwest.  That is the class that I was born into and remain part of, the middle aged aspect due to when I was born and grew up, and the Midwest is also where I was born and have spent forty-seven years and counting.

Welcome to this page.  Eventually, I’ll be running some ads on it when I learn how to.

I hope that you find my posts interesting and get you thinking.  I also want people to be able to chime in on this blog eventually.

Thanks for finding this page and happy reading.