Middle Class Guy

Hello, I am you friendly middle class guy.  You can call me Bill or Al or Tom or Dave or Chuck, maybe Gary or Jim.  I am not doing this blog under my real name due to many reasons, but please be assured that I am real, have endured many hardships, have had many good times and many bad times too, and have embodied all that Middle Class America wants me to.

I have collected information and photos for about three years prior to launching this on 9/11 of 2016.

My interests are varied and far from limited to middle class issues, however my perspective on most issues is that of a middle class, middle-aged man in the Midwest.  That is the class that I was born into and am still part of, the middle aged aspect is due to when I was born and grew up, and the Midwest is also where I was born and have spent four-and-a-half decades.

Welcome to this page.  Eventually, I’ll be running some ads on it when I learn how to.

I hope that you find my posts interesting and get you thinking.  I also want people to be able to chime in on this blog eventually.

Thanks for finding this page and happy reading.

Thoughts, ideas, challenges and motivations for us middle class guys.